Mom's Day

May 08, 2015 | Jeremy "JD" DeRaadt

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! That time of the year when we specifically remember the many times mom impacted our lives. The times we were sick and mom let us know we’re not alone. The times we did something wrong, and had to be shown the consequences. The times mom made a delicious meal, and we were too young to get how much work went into it. The times we had a victory and mom was the biggest supporter of our life. None of us would be who we are without mom, both the good and the slightly less good. If you’re away from home, call mom this weekend. Let her know how much you appreciate her putting up with your terrible twos, and your interesting teen years. ]

To every mom listening to KAOS 91.1 this weekend, we love you. Happy Mothers Day!

Listen to Phil Callaway talking about “What Mom Knows” for a laugh and truth:


(Pictured below is Mom, JD and my sister, Delaina at Lake Louise, AB, 2010)

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